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Sophia and Benjamin

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Benjamin and Sophia both swiped right in the spring of 2022, and have been inseparable ever since their first few dates. Their personalities were both perfectly captured in Ben's proposal on December 23rd, 2022.
Ben proposed on The Star of India, the world's oldest active sailing ship, in the San Diego Harbor. He arranged every detail-- from the private tour, the secret photographer, and all the way down to the VIP parking spots. He picked The Star of India because it incorporates a nautical theme (Fly Navy!), was the site of one of the coolest-ever elementary school field trips Sophia went on in her childhood (sleepover for fourth graders in San Diego!) and is even verified to be haunted by the Ghost Hunters (two thumbs up-- both from Sophia).
Upon arriving to The Star of India, Ben announced that he had arranged for a "private tour", which Sophia quickly commandeered to share every fact she remembered since her last visit in fourth grade. Sophia teetered around the wooden planks and metal grates on the ship in her high heels, and Ben was especially quiet while he hoped that Sophia's impromptu tour would still let him execute the rest of the proposal he had planned.
The universe was on Ben's side, because Sophia's tour ended at the helm of the ship, which was where he was planning on proposing all along. Ben got down on one knee and Sophia said yes to forever! The magical night ended with a proposal photography session on The Star of India pre-arranged by Ben, and a delicious Italian dinner, just like they had on their first date.